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Chuck Arthur

Resident in Toronto, Canada, Chuck Arthur has lived more of his life than he has yet to live. He has not written books; nor will you find a great list of regional or NABC wins to his credit; the odd regional, yes. The closest he ever came to winning an NACB event was 16th in a fast open pairs. He particularly enjoys being a mentor to those learning the game.

In the past, when Canada was about to send teams to compete internationally, the CBF would engage Eric Kokish to coach these teams. His training sessions require many extra hands. Chuck has been there as one of his assistants. He has also worked with Eric doing simulations of bridge deals using a program developed by Thomas Andrews.

Although not the inventor, Chuck has developed odd table web movements, making possible perfect movements for up to 39 tables is a single section. These have been used for years at Hazel’s Bridge Club in Toronto, Canada, and more recently by Partners Bridge Club, and perhaps some others. He has formalized these in a Word document, and makes this document and the associated MOV file additions to ACBLscore freely available. Those interested should contact him at his email address below.

Chuck keeps icons on his desktop for Deep Finesse, Suit play, and the KnR calculator.

Chuck keeps lists of people interested in his bridge blog. Each time that he updates the blog, he sends out an announcement to all on the list that he has done so. There are two lists: those interested in all the entries; those interested only in quiz type MSC entries. If interested. email him below; specify which list you would like to join.

Chuck may be reached at; he may often be seen on BBO under the name test416, or on Facebook.